About Ian Werker, Lawyer


B.A. (Honours), LL.B.

Practice Areas

Employment and Labour Law

Practice Description

Ian Werker has practised exclusively in the area of employment and labour law since his call to the Ontario Bar in 1988 – 34 years ago and counting. In 1994, after serving five years with a national firm, he established his own employment and labour practice at Law Chambers.

Ian advises and represents both employees and employers (including non-profit organizations). He advises in all areas of employment and labour law, including: employment agreements, wrongful dismissal, constructive dismissal, employment standards, union certification/decertification, union duty of fair representation, collective bargaining, grievance arbitrations, human rights and federal unjust dismissal adjudications.

Ian has taught community college employment law courses and has presented at numerous employment and labour law seminars and conferences.

With over 17,000 kilometers under his (cycling) belt, Ian ranks at the high end among other Law Chambers counsel who commute on Toronto’s burgeoning system of bike lanes.


Exclusively engaged in employment and labour law since 1988. Ian established his own law practice at Law Chambers in 1994.


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